Envato Author Miraculous Theme Scam

Envato Author Miraculous Theme - Himanshu Softtech & Kamlesh Yadav

Envato Author Miraculous Theme - Himanshu Softtech hiding behind Kamlesh Yadav

By Joan Scarani - November 21 2020

How Envato protects their customers from rip-off authors

So I bought a wonderful looking theme on Themeforest (an Envato web site). And I am a customer for years and I have purchased more than 12 other items on Themeforest. And I start as usual on installing and getting things to work as I expect. Alas, this time I got fooled by something that looked good, but once installed I noticed that I have actually just purchased an ordinary WordPress theme that offers nothing special. Yes, it has all kinds of additional plugins (you know, the common ones) and two frameworks (one only a limited edition anyway). Then I expected to get a demo import of what the demo showed, so I can get a quick start with specific page templates already made (you know like f.e. WooCommerce or most other professional themes). Oops, this theme does not have that. So I tried to create the needed (very specific) pages myself because the theme did not include any page templates. Oops, that does not work very well. So, next, I checked the documentation, nope, that did not help.

So I sent a support request. That is a rather cumbersome affair too. Sign up for a support script, etc, etc. So I got a ticket. Now wait for the reply. Then they wanted me to sign up to another support site so I can get a token after I insert my purchase code from Envato. Starting to look like a merry-go-round!!!

Support from the author

Oops, we don't have that. But without the needed bits, the theme is useless and simply too much work to figure it out for myself. Oh yes, and of course the author (http://kamleshyadav.com which actually is http://himanshusofttech.com) provides that service. So actually, they want to make more money on me. BTW, the theme and its plugins are not easy to figure out, not even for a WordPress veteran (since WordPress v1.0)

So I've had it!

So I logged in to my Envato account to ask for a refund. Well, that is extremely hard to find! They've hidden it extremely well! Ok, click Help Center, search for "refund" and find a bunch of articles. Browse through until I found one with a link to "Request a refund". Phew!!!

Now I found out what the nice rules are that Envato works with, and in the end, it's up to the author. Envato just sends them a refund request and well, I'll have to wait.

Since I paid with PayPal, I went to PayPal, and requested a refund there. Next I received a message from Envato that I shouldn't do that and that my account (with over 12 or so other items) will get BLOCKED if I proceed. This the message:

"We’re letting you know, that as a security precaution, your Envato account has been locked. This is due to a PayPal account payment dispute or chargeback raised for a purchase made via your account on Envato Market. Envato Market includes ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver, PhotoDune and 3DOcean — so the purchase was made on one of these marketplaces. Please note, the payment dispute or chargeback will need to be closed for your account to be unlocked."

Well, I did it anyway!


You're really looking out for your customers! Even those that have purchased many items through your service and have never asked for a refund yet!

Since then, the publisher of this 'great' theme, has been nagging about me giving them WP admin access so they can fix it for me. So I asked for the demo import file or a refund. The reply came with the same message. Now I made it clear that I just want a refund. Well, guess what? Nope, please give us the login details so we can fix it. No, I don't want it anymore. I just want my money back. Another email later, they suddenly were able to create a demo import zip file (oh no, a miracle!), if I could try that. No, I wasted enough time on it and I found other mishaps that I cannot work with anyway in the meantime. So for the last time: GIVE ME A REFUND! Well, that did not happen yet! It's just $51, but they won't give me my money back. They're probably crying that they have to return the immense sum of $49. Oh yes, Envato charges $2 for a PayPal payment, so I probably won't get that back anyway.

The refund did not happen yet! I've now escalated the refund request to a claim on PayPal. Let's see what that does.

1.5 weeks later

PayPal reviewed the claim and decided in my favor. And that's how you conduct business. A big BOOH for Envato and for Himanshu Softtech & Kamlesh Yadav - publisher of many themes and plugins.

Oh yeah, and Envato did not unlock my account yet, even though there are many items i have purchased over the years that I have valid licenses for and am entitled to updates. BIG BOOH FOR ENVATO ! I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING ON ANY OF THEIR WEBSITES AGAIN! THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU!

And a big cheer for PayPal!

If this publisher's Miraculous theme and their refusal to refund no matter what is a thermometer of their professionalism and concern for the quality of their products, well.....I'll never buy anything from them ever again, that's for sure!


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