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1. SU Electricidade Portugal

By Antonio Ribeiro - August 2020

How SU Electricidade Portugal is helping their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic

So you've been a customer of SU Electricidade (means Your Electricity haha) for > 15 years and this year you're always 1 month behind. Oh well, no problem. But that changed! Oh yes. Now they put you in a HELP Plan automatically. Great, so how does that work?

Well, they take two bills and take a big portion of it to be the 1st payment and 5 little payments to follow each month. But, and here is the catch, if you miss just ONE of these payments (as small as $40), they can cut your supply without notice. That's right, without notice.

Without this great help plan they always send a notice with pay links with an expiry date before coming to cut your electricity. With this superplan however they can cut you off without notice.

So guess what? Yes, while sitting in my kitchen and looking out onto the street, I see a small car with a ladder on top and two guys eyeballing my house. It looked like two thugs waiting for the right moment! After several minutes one guy walked up to my gate and rang the bell. "We come to cut your light". But I have a paper here that I have another week to pay two bills. It's from other bills. Oh, which one? "That's confidential". Really? A bill to me and it's confidential? OK, I'll go to the office tomorrow and see what's going on.

Ok, so they didn't cut me off!

The following day I went to the office (with just one employee now to handle all the problems of the entire pandemic city!). I went through the bills with the employee and well besides the two bills totalling $300, there is another one of $150. Oh really? So if I pay the $300 which btw it says I have another week, it's fine? No, there is still $150 and until you pay that also you cannot cancel the AUTOMATIC HELP PLAN. So you have to be 100% caught up before you can get out of that SUPERPLAN? YES!

So I paid the $300 the next day and well business is bad so I'm now trying to get the $150 so I can get out of SU Electricidade's SUPERB HELP PLAN before their thugs show up again. Ok, so that bill is paid too, and I'm completely uptodate, and to cancel their automatic SUPERB HELP PLAN I have to call their HQ to request to cancel that superplan. SO THAT IS NOT AUTOMATIC!!!

So, let me see, to help people struggling to cope with the pandemic crisis, SU Electricidade actually blackmails their customers to be completely up-to-date with their bills, not even one month behind is now possible?

And this is how an electricity company (I'm sure SU Electricidade Portugal is not the only one being so helpful) is helping long time customers cope with the crisis? And btw, this is according to a quick law put in place by the government to help people struggling because of this economic supercrisis.

According to SU Electricidade they are and I quote from their Web site: "SU Electricidade, as a supplier of last resort, exists and acts in the regulated market, guaranteeing the universal provision of electricity supply and protection for our customers."

2. SU Electricidade Portugal

By Julia Pereira - January 2021

Usually you receive one elecricity bill per month, right? Well, SU Electricidade Portugal found a new way of billing you! I received a bill in the 1st week of January 2021 and much to my surprise on the 27th of January I received the next one already with a paycode to pay both before February 3rd. And of course as is the new method in Portugal of forcing you to pay both, the only paycode available is to pay both. If you want to pay only the "old" one (3 weeks is already old now that 40% of SU Electricidade is owned by the Chinese government!), you'd have to go to their one-person manned office and get the paycode for that one.

Why is the government not protecting its citizens from these practices? And not only during the pandemic!

These companies are getting worse every year. Where is the necessary govermental regulation to put a muzzle on them and control their lack of morality?

The Portuguese government only blocked utility companies cutting off services for one month!


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