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By Joana Almeida - December 2020

How Lusitania Gas Portugal (Concessionary of GALP S.A. which is now owned by Allianz) is helping their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic and before the pandemic.

According to Lusitania Gas they are and I quote from their Web site: "Our main concern is the quality of the service we provide to our customers, with the least possible environmental impact, putting at their disposal a natural gas distribution service in the best quality and safety conditions."

So you've been a customer of Lusitania Gas for > 10 years and you thought you were all paid up. But, a guy shows up messing with your meter on the outside wall or your garden. After he left without saying a word to the lady of the house sitting on her front porch, she found a note in the mailbox. You have been cut off!

No final reminder with a last chance to pay the outstanding bill? An SMS or e-mail maybe?


Let me explain how this company bills its valued customers

METHOD 1 - Before 2020:

Current month bill f.e. €25.

The following month you received a bill with the previous month with pay code (€25) and previous+current month with pay code v(f.e. €50). So you could pay the oldest one first to avoid problems if necessary, or both if you had the money for it.

That worked just fine!

METHOD 2 -Started in 2020 until about October 2020:

Current month bill f.e. €25.

The following month you received a bill with the previous month with pay code (€25) and NEW + current month with pay code (f.e. €50). So you CANNOT pay the oldest one first to avoid problems, you have to pay them both.

Not really better, is it?

METHOD 3 - Their latest invention! - Started in October/November 2020:

Current month bill f.e. €25.

The following month you receive a bill with the current month only with pay code (€25) and the previous + the current month BUT WITHOUT pay code! So you cannot pay both, only the new one!.

And that's what happened to me! I thought I was up-to-date, but no.

So I got cut off without further notice, I rushed to their office (it is the only way to pay it right away!) to pay the old bill, and next month I will get an extra bill for around €70 for reconnecting their service. So what is the general intention???


The same day a service engineer came by to reconnect the service, but the pipes have to be verified so he has to enter your house. This is someone who travels around the province all day long, and thus poses a HIGH RISK to infect an entire family. And that just for a bill of €21. And of course a nice bonus of €70 next month! And right before Christmas too!

And this is how a gas company in the EU (Portugal in this case) is helping a long time customer cope with the crisis.


Why is the government not protecting its citizens from these practices? And not only during the pandemic!

These companies are getting worse every year. Where is the necessary govermental regulation to put a muzzle on them and control their lack of morality?


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